Advanced Driver Training

Driving Unlimited provides programs to corporations, government agencies and groups.

Whether the purpose is corporate training or simply team-building, everybody leaves our programs as safer and more aware drivers.

Our philosophy is “Perfecting the Basics”, and we help drivers do that by giving them the tools and the practice to drive with more skill and confidence. A typical advanced driving day consists of a variety of exercises done through cones on a closed-course facility. Each driver gets multiple runs through these exercises with coaching from the instructors.

Programs that we offer are customized to the needs of the particular group and their objectives. We conduct programs with full-day or half-day formats with options that are designed to accommodate individual driver evaluations all the way up to fleets of thousands of drivers. We conduct programs locally in the lower mainland at our private training facility, but can also bring the training to your location anywhere in the world.

We appreciated the modern take on advanced driving, which busted a lot of myths about our bad habits. If I had only learned the steering technique and mirror adjustments I would have been happy…but there was so much more!