Emergency Services Training

Driving Unlimited has a long and history of training various emergency services departments across Canada including Police, Fire and Ambulance.

Emergency Services driving is very unique.

Driving is a brain-driven, hand-eye coordination skill. There are so many unavoidable distractions and decision-making brain functions involved in Emergency Services driving, that it is easy to degrade the physical act of driving. The base driving skill set of members needs to be strong enough so that it is not being negatively affected by those distractions.

Emergency services members all go through some form of basic, industry-specific driver training at the beginning of their careers. However, usually, that is where the training ends. Our training programs enhance that experience with a more extensive immersion in concepts and vehicle dynamics that creates a more well-rounded driver with greater understanding and respect for the act of driving.

The general approach to training is to teach and fine-tune the specific driving skills that each member requires to effectively and safely complete their job tasks, while putting the major emphasis on developing an appropriate attitude towards the task of driving. Members are taught advanced concepts and driving skills that will reduce the number of vehicular incidents.

In addition to being a proactive approach to incident prevention, participation in advanced driver training could be considered an inexpensive form of insurance. It is also critical that public agencies can demonstrate to various governing bodies that they have done everything possible to maximize public safety and minimize traffic incidents.

Courses are all fully customized for each department based on their specific needs. These courses can take place over one day in a skid-pad type environment or over multiple days incorporating work on a race track.

Conceptual knowledge and skill enhancement, combined with the appropriate attitude developed through our advanced driver training programs will reduce the risk of members being involved in a crash, and the resulting costs and liabilities.

Please contact us to have a discussion on how our training can benefit your department.

Having never encountered a program quite like this, we did not know whether we would get buy-in or push-back. All our members were positively challenged and came away with valuable techniques and insight and the long-term results speak for themselves.